Exploring the Surrounding Attractions Near M3M Jewel Gurgaon

M3M Jewel is a brand-new commercial project by M3M India in Sector 25, MG Road, Gurgaon. It offers you wide stretches of land, all in a prime location for your business. It offers one a wide range of experiences. As you go about your work within its contemporary spaces, there are a lot more chances for relaxation and merrymaking between breaks and post-work.

For the nature enthusiast:

  • Tau Devilal Park: Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and relax at Tau Devilal Park. This large green space has a cricket pitch, walking trails and a special yoga area. You can have a picnic, play Frisbee, or just relax on the peaceful green.
  • Leisure Valley Park: For a lively getaway, head to Leisure Valley Park. Take a trip to the beautiful rose garden, have a delicious meal at the cafĂ© in the park, or be enchanted by the musical fountain show.
  • Aravalli Biodiversity Park: Nature lovers will love to visit Aravalli Biodiversity Park. The 380-acre park is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna from the Aravalli Mountains. Gurgaon is ideal for morning walks, bird watching and nature experience. The park also helps protect the environment and offers educational tours for children and adults.

M3M Jewel is one of the most sought-after luxury shopping destinations, enjoying fashionable clothing stores, exciting restaurants, modern cinemas and numerous attractions

  • MGF Metropolitan Mall: Located right next to M3M Jewel, is an excellent destination for items ranging from everyday items to designer luxury brands.
  • Ambience Mall: Dive in and get the best experience of luxury shopping in Ambience Mall. The mall has elite designer boutiques, swanky dining, and gourmand shops.
  • DLF Cyber Hub: A Cyber Hub is not a hub of shops; it is a collection of sorts of restaurants, bars, cafes, and a few more. This place is apt for a night out with friends, as there is ample space to hang out and entertain.

Best restaurants near M3M Jewel

  • Cyber Hub: A hot restaurant in Gurgaon with a wide variety of options, good nightlife and live music.
  • Sector 29 Market: This is a very popular area in Gurgaon, known primarily for its variety of restaurant displays ranging from Indian to Italian, Chinese to continental.

The area of M3M Jewel Gurgaon is full of happenings and sights. It is the place where there are countless attractions, from fun activities to great places for eating out and outdoor adventures that appeal to anyone.

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